Lasers have been used in facial rejuvenation for decades, and are continually evolving. They are designed for a broad range of treatments and at Bramis, we have several available to treat many different skin concerns.
Fraxel is a non-invasive laser therapy providing a wide array of treatment
options to address many forms of aging. It is a doctor-only laser, performed on
many different parts of the body.

The Pixel or Fractional Laser treatment utilizes the resurfacing properties of
fractional photothermolysis to stimulate new collagen growth and restore
youthful, healthy looking skin.

Pixel Fractional is suitable for most skin types and may successfully improve the
appearance of the following conditions:

  • Sun Damage
  • Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Acne Scars
  • Surgical Scars

  • Uneven Skin Tone
  • Pigmentation
  • Hand Rejuvenation
Immediately following treatment your skin may temporarily feel warm, sensitive and
may appear visibly flushed. This is a part of the skin’s normal response to fractional
photothermolysis and should subside soon after treatment. The downtime required
following the Pixel procedure may be as little as a couple of days, or as long as a week
– depending on the strength of the treatment performed.
Clear and Brilliant utilises the anti-ageing properties of Fraxel laser technology to counteract ageing and sun damage and is commonly known as the “baby Fraxel”. Much like Fraxel, Clear and Brilliant uses gentle laser energy to create millions of microscopic treatment zones. These treatment zones serve to stimulate the production of new skin tissue, thereby replacing areas of damaged and aged skin.
Clear and Brilliant is suitable for most skin types and may successfully improve the appearance of the following conditions:
  • Textural imperfections
  • Dullness
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Decreased skin elasticity
  • Photo ageing
The Clear and Brilliant treatment is comfortable, quick and effective. Following consultation, the procedure itself requires approximately half an hour of your time. During the treatment you will feel a warm flicking sensation on your skin as the laser is applied. A topical numbing cream and/or ice may be applied following the procedure to cool the treated area.

Minimal downtime is required and there is also a lower risk of complications compared to traditional laser resurfacing treatments.

Immediately following treatment, the skin may feel warm to touch and appear flushed. Any noticeable redness is normal and only temporary. You may like to continue applying ice to the treated area to relieve any symptoms of warmth or sensitivity.


Intense pulse light treatments are used for many different skin treatments, including rejuvenation. At Bramis, we offer a non-ablative, medical grade laser from Palomar.

IPL therapy requires virtually no downtime to rejuvenate the skin and restore a youthful glow. IPL stimulates new collagen to form in the skin thereby reducing fine lines, minimizing pore size and acne scars, and increasing skin elasticity.

Intense pulsed light also diminishes flushing or redness of the face associated with Rosacea, reduces brown spots, erases broken capillaries, and smoothes roughly textured skin.

Although it is possible to actually shrink sebaceous glands (oil glands) and pore size with repeated treatments, the number of treatments necessary to achieve this result varies from client to client.
Laser skin resurfacing can improve the appearance of:
  • Age spots
  • Sun damage
  • Skin tone and texture
  • Wrinkles
  • Surgical scars
  • Stretch marks
  • Acne scars
Book a consultation with our doctors, nurses and dermal therapists. We can assess your facial aesthetics and desired outcomes and suggest the best treatment options suited to your needs. A $50 booking fee for all patients is required, which is deducted from the cost of treatment. If you do not wish to go ahead with treatment, the deposit is refundable.
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